Confirmed Shortage in Gas Cylinders, ‘Refinery’ Denies

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  • A worker carrying a gas cylinder (tube) in Amman - (Archives)

AMMAN —Al Ghad— The Association of gas station owners and distributors confirmed to “Al Ghad” on Saturday that the domestic gas cylinder market has been suffering an average shortage range of 13 thousand to 30 thousand tubes in supply for the past few day, as demand averaged around 110 thousand cylinders a day since Thursday.

The Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company denied to “Al Ghad” there being such a shortage, whereas the Association has asserted that only 80 thousand tubes have been supplied to meet the overall demand.

Friday, 110 thousand cylinders were returned to the Refinery for refilling, the Association said, 13 thousand tubes of the quantities resupplied were empty.