“Basra-Aqaba Pipeline Vital for Jordan, Iraq” — Tarawneh

تم نشره في Wed 7 December / Dec 2016. 12:00 AM
  • Speaker of the House of Representatives, Atef Tarawneh - (Archives)

AMMAN — Speaker of the House of Representatives, Atef Tarawneh, on Wednesday said the agreement between Jordan and Iraq related to the pipeline which links between the southern port city of Aqaba and Basra is a lifeline for both states.

He called for establishing an international strategy to grapple with refugee crisis in Jordan at all levels.

Tarawneh, during a meeting with head of the Iraqi National Alliance Ammar Hakim, following Hakim’s meet with His Majesty King Abdullah II, highlighted Jordan's policy towards a wide range of issues in the Middle East region including Palestine, Syria, fighting terrorism and refugee crisis in the Kingdom.

He said that Jordan is supporting any efforts poor into Iraq's stability and security, stressing along with al-Hakim the need for enhancing bilateral ties and cooperation.

Hakim voiced his country's desire to build a strategic partnership with Jordan including reopening border crossing points to reinvigorate commercial traffic between the two neighbouring states.