Not My Religion!

By Mohammad Aburumman

تم نشره في Sun 11 December / Dec 2016. 01:00 AM
  • Mohammad Aburumman

While I was reading through BBC Arabic’s material on rare diseases, for reasons beyond my comprehension, I was interrupted by one particular illness; ‘Congenital Analgesia’: The agony of feeling no pain, said to be genetically inherited, with only 20 registered patients worldwide.

This illness prohibits the sensation of pain, all pain; from the poke of a needle, to the intensities of broken bones and burns. People with this illness are born and grown without any conception of pain, which makes children hurt themselves unknowingly. A child with this disorder may put their hand into the fire no knowing that it is burning.

Unintentionally, perhaps, a correlation popped into my mind as I read through the material, between the illness and the state of the Arab human being, only more advanced, as our condition is no longer limited to the physical sensation of pain, but mentally and emotionally, be it direct or indirect, we might have become disaffected by it!

I imagined myself entrapped in Aleppo, with my family, without access to medicine of nutrition, in the absence of security and reassurance; is this not pain?! I revisited the memory of those who immerge from underneath the rubbles, shocked but unpained. Don’t you remember the picture of Omran Halabi, the 5 year old who was dug out of the ruins in Aleppo, injured and bloodied, but wasn’t crying?! This picture shocked the world. And the questions it raised, packed with much untold misery and pain, was: “Why is he not crying?! Does he not feel pain?!”

How many Syrian, Iraqi, and Yemeni children have seen with their own eyes the woes of war?! I am bumped out of my seat just looking through the pictures of refugees from Mosul, taking shelter in primitive camps and tents, aligned in endless queues to secure the minimum ration of nutrition; children wait an eternity for a sip of water! And the Rukban children; who yesterday celebrated their first schooling tent, in the middle of the forsaken cold desert, lacking the very basic conditions of human life, ahead of an even colder season, which will reap the lives of children beyond count, just like it was for the Zaatri camp, which by comparison, is a 5-star refuge facility!

Does it not pain us at all that Muslims are celebrating the Anniversary of the Birth of our most honourable Prophet, without a taint of shame? Exchanging congratulations and regards as governments race to hold the best festive ceremonies while we, with our guns and bare hands, kill and drive each other out of our homes? How on earth can we celebrate?!

Had the Prophet been here now, seeing us the way we are; what would He say: are you not ashamed? Are you heartless?! You spend billions on wars to kill each other and bomb down your own homes, drive each other’s children into homelessness, and then you celebrate my love?! You leave women and children out in the wilderness, without medicine or care, and go about slaughtering each other and torturing, all in my name and the name of religion?!

Those say they are Shiites, and the others claim sole salvation; everybody assailing everybody! Chaos! The Prophet prohibit the killing of Muslims, and made it equivalent to the massacring of all humanity; how do we now kill ourselves, Muslims among ourselves, thousands dead, as we drive our own out by the millions?!

Allah in the Quran warned us of fate of those who bring upon themselves desolation, death, and drive themselves out their own homes! And we went ahead and did exactly what God told us not to!

After all that, we celebrate?! This is not the message, and this is not t religion!