Terror into New Year’s Eve!

By Fahed Khitan

تم نشره في Sun 11 December / Dec 2016. 01:00 AM
  • Fahed Khitan

Terrorists always make sure to leave their murderous prints all over every New Year’s celebration; religious, artistic, or else. This is why they carried out the attacks in Istanbul Saturday evening, and decided to blow up the Cathedral in Cairo Sunday, targeting a religious mass; to sabotage the season.

European states declared high alert with the nearing of New Year’s Eve. British police made mention of imminent threats of terror attacks in London.

Despite all adopted security measures, “lone wolves” and sleeper cells seem to succeed, in many places, in penetrating the security grid and exact murderous attacks against civilians

With the passage of every year, the activity of terror groups increases, despite the global ware on terror; while airborne strikes demolish terrorist strongholds in Iraq and Syria, and ground forces pin them down, these group’s operational abilities seem unaffected on the overseas frontiers. If at all this means something, it means also that the placed cooperation mechanisms on security and the exchange of information among countries are sufficiently effective, and still fall short on keeping up with the fast paced and smart shifts and motions of terrorist groups around the globe.

This is clear in the European Union states, whose recent days have seen an abundance of major terror attacks, in spite of attempts to advance security capacities, while gaps allow terrorists the chance to opportune and coordinate strikes.

Just months ago, the Paris and Brussels attacks would suffice a pricey lesson to states taking security issues and suspicions lightly.

In our region, the activity of terror groups is much related to the political and security status of our countries. In Turkey, for instance, the correlation seems evident between the increased intensity of terrorism and the internal domestic situation, as well as the Turkish role in the Syrian civil war, both comprising a perfect environmental opportunity for terrorism.

Notwithstanding, the most grotesque and hideous of terrorist behaviour would be civilian vindication; terrorists exacting their revenge on civilians, i.e. the attacks in Istanbul, Turkey, right now!

Egypt, as well, is in a similar hole; enduring a suffocating domestic political crisis, which induced a violent security outburst, and an open military confrontation with terrorists in Sinai, which has expanded into the heart of the capital and major cities, facilitated by the political and security chaos as it, spurring new terrorist groups out of the cities’ own residents, carrying out the same terroristic mission!

The most imminent and dangerous of recent unfolding developments across our region is the expanding reach of terrorism, and their hold which has grown into a circling peril all around us; from Libya, through Egypt, to Yemen, and some Gulf states, all the way to Iraq, Syria, even Turkey, and thereon to Europe.

The end of each years has become cause to lookout for death and terror attacks, instead of human socialisation!