What Happened in Karak?!

By Fahed Khitan

تم نشره في Mon 19 December / Dec 2016. 01:00 AM
  • Fahed Khitan

There is yet a comprehensive, complete, coherent official story on the Karak events.The information officials gave Sunday afternoon on the events in Qatranah and the Karak Castle afterwards were available in video hours beforehand, and by statement of witnesses who were there. And while the Minister of Interior was withholding the identities of the 4 terrorists, security sources had already leaked their photos via social media, and in quality definitions enough to identify them by name, without the need to wait for an official statement.

Undoubtedly, the “Citizen Journalist” did confuse the public opinion with an abundance of inaccurate stories and information. But many videos and reports circulating were from official sources; who on earth can stand upon the bodies of these terrorists, inside the castle, close enough to take photos and spread them besides security personnel? The gaps in the administration of previous terrorist incidents this year have reoccurred in the Karak terror attack; the chaos in references, the absence of coordination, and the confusion, as if it is the first time we face such an incident. I fear that the reason behind withholding these details is to enable responsible parties of ditching accountability.

There is an understandable amount of caution and deliberation; the priority in cases of the sort is to collect information and construct a detailed comprehensive picture that could help uncover other cells prepping to execute terror attacks. However, the challenge, which advanced states have been able to overcome, is in the advancement of crisis administration mechanisms to maintain this priority, meanwhile giving the public the sufficient amount of information they require on the events surrounding them.

Officials could have been more honest with the public, informing them clearly that the goal of postponing the declaration of identities of members of the terror cell was to allow for the parents of the martyrs first to absorb the shocking news, conclude the burial ceremonies, and then make the detailed information on the terrorists’ identities public. That would have been appreciated by the people.

This, however, is not the responsibility of official media personnel, but the state’s, who in turn have the information and know not how to do with it.

Back to the operation in vicinity of the Karak Castle; I would say that the greatest, most invaluable thing, right after the martyrdom of our brave youth, was the reaction of the residents of Karak; who spontaneously leaped in to defend their city and the prestige of their historic castle. Nowhere else around the world has this been seen; terrorist attacks repelled by civilians armed with simple armaments against terrorists packed to the teeth, dangerous, and ready to kill without mercy.

The amassing of Karak’s residents and the gates of the Castle was in itself the strongest, most fluent message sent to the world out there; reaffirming with courage and valour, their stand as Jordanians, against terror and terrorists, be their own kin or not!

This is such a gain; it must be built on, and it should not be dismissed on the account of unintentional mistakes by normal citizens.

They must be celebrated, not blamed for their courage. The must be rejoiced for their bravery and readiness to leap in for their city’s victory. Even though facing up to terrorists and terror groups requires specially trained professionals, and it is not right; at all, to put citizen lives at such risk. However, the popular reflex itself is living proof on the majority of our people being the State’s most reliable resort in its war against terrorism; which is not a war of military and security personnel, notwithstanding, but one engaged by the people, all of them. There is no message clearer that this of the Karak Castle operation.