Why Not Convene at the Karak Castle?!

By Fahed Khitan

تم نشره في Tue 20 December / Dec 2016. 01:00 AM - آخر تعديل في Tue 20 December / Dec 2016. 09:08 PM
  • Fahed Khitan

It will not be long before the innermost details of the ‘secret’ MP-Government Parliamentary session on the terrorist attack in Karak, which was claimed by ISIS, are leaked. And if we were to guess right, the information presented to the House of Representatives by the Cabinet will probably not be any more detailed than the statements of the ministers of Media affairs and Interior in their press conference Monday, but it may contain less than what was circulated by the media on the details of the operation, and its ongoings in Qatraneh as well as in the Karak Castle.

Even the information published by “Al Ghad” Tuesday on the 4 terrorists will surpass the details to be disclosed in the secret session.

This diligence by members of the House and Cabinet to make their session confidential was correct in my estimation; in the absence of media courage, the debates can be productively and effectively administrated between the two authorities, away from scoring personal points. And this, mind you, does not strip the MPs of their right to question the government later or even drop confidence in its ministers.

Paramount to the above, is the cohesive establishment of a revision mechanism to review the gaps in the field security operation throughout the process of exposing the cell all the way to its termination.

Notably, no harm can possibly come from this embarrassing line of questioning, if balanced well, as it seems Jordan up for an open confrontation on levels possible, as evident from the series of recent terrorist attacks. And the Karak Castle attack will not be the last of its kind targeting Jordan’s security, if we consider the many attempts foiled in silence; unannounced.

On all public, official, and civil levels, there rises a need to go over the matrix of pre-emptive and preventive measures, as well as emergency response plans in such situations, especially among supporting security and civil bodies in municipalities.

For example, citizens can be obligated by law to document and validate house and commercial leases at the municipal offices upon signing them. And it would help to consider establishing neighbourhood committees and patrols in different cities and municipalities.

The Karak situation unwrapped a need to review our security alert system across the Kingdom, as well as inter-security emergency grids to ensure speedy reflexes to threats and timely responses to terror attacks.

Sadly, we would wish it has not come to this, but we now live in constant state of emergency, even without the official declaration. We need to not deny this truth and go on pretending to have a natural life. France, the world’s most ancient democracy, have declared a state of emergency, periodically extending it.

Accordingly, what steps can made nowadays to sustain the popular anti-terrorist momentum?

The Karak operation has proven that the State’s policy in countering terror cells, both domestically and externally, is not isolated or secluded from the popular and public rhetoric, but actually have the massive support of the people; the brave residents of Karak have actually gone to arms in order to fight off the terrorists.

The government has to celebrate this state of consensus, magnify it in its media rhetoric; so far, I have yet to hear an official statement thanking the residents of karak for their courageous stand.

How about a practical step in that direction?

We propose that the Cabinet holds a special convention in the Karak Castle, to show appreciation and gratitude for the residents of the Karak governorate, for their heroic stand, as well as a response to the terrorists recent attempt to taint the historic caste; a message to the whole world that our tourist sites are safe, secure, open and ready to receive foreign tourists. But more so, to honour the brave heroes of the city’s own, and the members of the security devices, by participating them in the sessions alongside our Ministers.