Trump on Netanyahu’s Side… Who’s on Palestine’s?

By Fahed Khitan

تم نشره في Tue 27 December / Dec 2016. 01:00 AM
  • Fahed Khitan

Before arriving in the Oval Office, US President-Elect Donald Trump gave his first diplomatic performance defending Israel internationally.

Just as Trump rallied for whatever his cause was, other non-permanent members of the Security Council rallied for theirs, landing an almost unanimous vote to outlaw Israeli settlement activity —after Egypt dropped the case— with the exception of the US, who abstained from voting and allowed the ratification of the decision.

This was a direct slap by President Obama to Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, which he took dramatically, storming a series of allegations and insults to the United Nations and President Obama.

On Netanyahu’s side, Trump also participating personally in the tantrum, expressing his fury over the decision, and promising to change the rules of the game once he is official Commander-in-Chief on the 20th of January, 2017.

It seemed as though Trump’s position was supportive of the far right government of Israel against the UN’s decision, which is only a peek into his views —and therefore his administration’s— on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Message after another, Trump’s hellish omens in regards to the cause of the Palestinian people kept coming; one statement after the other, before, during, and after the Security Council’s decision. For just before the vote result was announced, Trump had assigned David Friedman as the US ambassador to Israel, who is a lawyer known for his intense anti-Palestinian sentiment, and a strong believer and proponent of the Israeli right, as well as a supporter of settlement in the West Bank. In short, he is downright Zionist.

Similarly, Trump did not even bat an eye when he assigned one of the most prominently extremist Jews in Washington as his envoy to the Middle East; this pompous, far right ‘militant’ supporter of extremist Zionist gangs, is charged with administrating peace negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis!

They say a book can be told by its title, and the headlines Trump chose for the Palestinian Israeli case are enough to outline expectations; none, as his administration is biased to the Israeli Zionist far right and against the Palestinians. Hence, his office will endeavour on end to realise further illegal occupation of Palestinian territory.

Many are on the lookout for the relocation of the US embassy to occupied Jerusalem upon Trump’s official take over next month, something all previous US presidents had refrained from doing.

More so, it doesn’t take much to actually get this one done; the approval of the US Congress is already set, and every 6 months US President Obama postpones. When the time comes, and Trump doesn’t sign the postponing decision, it would ratify and initiate the immediate relocation of the embassy.

Accordingly, a step of the sort would count as an American recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of the occupation state, and outspoken violation of the Security Council’s decisions.

That said, we stand before ever more real perils threatening the Palestinian Cause culminating over the next phase; perils that demand o the Arab World to face up to them, quick. And perhaps the next Arab Summit in Amman, in March, would comprise a unique and suitable platform to raise this issue and build an actionable approach to prevent these threats.

Sadly, in light of the deteriorated regional Arab situation, expectations in these regards are modest, if any, as the next US administration draws a bullseye at the heart of the Palestinian Cause.