A Spectrum of Hate…

By Jumana Ghunaimat

تم نشره في Mon 2 January / Jan 2017. 01:00 AM
  • Jumana Ghunaimat

The images captured by the lens of Mohammad Qaralleh from a village in the south Jordanian governorate of Tafilah called Barbeita, are electrifyingly disturbing! And we still don’t know the reasons behind their publishing!

We also do not know what the colleague’s intentions were, capturing these pictures and showing us what we do not want to see!

Qarralleh, I think, is conspiring against it; he deliberately stripped us clean of all our masks, exposing our every flaw and shortcoming. It is as if he exposed us to ourselves, as though our very conscience is dead, that we no longer see the bitter truth which surrounds us.

A youngling’s torn shoes shows that we have sold our values in some undisclosed deal we struck with the devil, with whatever humanity left in us on for an open auction.

The boy’s toes were swollen of the cold.

We are immersed in our indulgences while there are children and youth drowned in poverty and strife.

More so, the sight of them did not suffice the prejudiced; they went on to bring down the good folk who were pained by these sights, who strapped whatever humanity they could find, afford, and hopped in to the relief of the impoverished children.

Why were they attacked? Why was this senseless prejudiced campaign launched? Would it not have been better if we had all come together to celebrate the do-gooders as our own models? That they may inspire charity and kindness?

The criticism went beyond battering the good hearted few, but to all of us with a kindled remnant of our humanity; we were all meant by their criticism. The campaign targeted the very core of charity, the very value of it, as critiques of charity carried out their attack to finish off whatever empathy we had left towards those need.

The prejudiced, unaffected, haters of all, outspokenly condemned all who went to assist the children of the distant village.

First and foremost; a moral question: as opposed to what the do-gooders did, what did you do besides your all too well known and repetitive criticism and condemnation, attempting to score hideous stances for your social fans?

Similarly, the very same hateful lot, either them or another equally hellish segment of society, saw it better to sit behind their keyboards and keypads voicing condemnation of our innocent victims murdered by the cowardly acts of terror in Istanbul, than anything else.

In the midst of their desperate self-righteous hideousness, they fail to see their own ugliness; their stench, letting more and more, every time we stand before a situation that calls for just a little bit of humanity.

It is hideous enough to blame the dead. But no; they take their time, passing unethical judgements on others, in an open explicit expression of hate for life and joy, and an outspoken reflection of lowness and immorality.

Should this prove anything, it only proves that those who use their rifles or suicide jackets to kill people are not so different from those who ‘celebrate’, more or less, death with words; both are equally murderous.

Between the victims of the Berbeita in Tafilah, Jordan, and the victims of the Istanbul attacks, in Turkey, lies a world of difference, and a spectrum of hate, with the only commonality, however, being that they are both victims of a deteriorating, absent sense of humanity; one slaughtered by pointless, nihilistic criticism, whereas the others slaughtered by ISIS armed militants.

Meanwhile, between the events themselves and the reflexes of society, we are exposed; hideous, so ugly that charity no longer soothes us, nor does murder sadden or pain us!

We couldn’t have been so blind to the slippery slope we just took; the fall of our humanity! Could we?

Necessarily, we are not well.

Were we straight in the head, we would have celebrated the good lot who leaped to relieve the children of the remote south Jordanian village, and we would have also made many thanks to our own Mohammad Qaralleh for his conspiracy which exposed us to our own flaws and ugliness!

We were at the least civil, we would not side by death and terrorism against love, joy, and life.

Still, for reasons perhaps we do not know, and others we do, we have become more lenient to side with hate, ugliness, and violence, than we do with peace and harmony.