Why Support “Turkey”…

By Fahed Khitan

تم نشره في Mon 2 January / Jan 2017. 01:00 AM
  • Fahed Khitan

The video published by ISIS on Monday shows exactly how crazed the terrorist group —among others— is by Turkey’s role in Aleppo and its active contribution, along with Russia, in formulation of the settlement which resulted in the withdrawal of Syrian rebel fighters from the eastern parts of the city.

More so, the Turkish role did not stop there; the Turkish-Russian war machine momentously and immediately took to implementing the general ceasefire throughout Syria, excluding ISIS, aka Daesh, and formerly the Nusra Front faction, “Fat-h al Sham”. Also the dual sponsorship on the spot initiated negotiations representing opposing parties of the Syrian conflict, in an aim to finally arrive a political resolution to the Syrian crisis.

Before all that began, Turkey had already broken all ties with the two terrorist groups, above mentioned, following years of strong relations.

The video recording was more or less a political explanation of the terrorist attack in Istanbul on New Year’s Eve; as well as all other similar operations.

However, more dangerously; the Daeshi escalation entailed a programmed incitation against Turkey, urging ISIS members and affiliates there to carry out more terrorist attacks.

Now, objectively, this exposes an equally crucial variable, comprised in the terrorist group’s own crisis, after the Turkish gateway was closed shot, leaving the organisation out to dry, engaged on all frontiers by all the parties and countries in war in Syria, taking ground and aerial fire.

Logically speaking, the Turks cannot go back on this. The previous Turkish approach on Syria is no longer a valid option now; all the givens and variables, both militarily, as in on the field, and politically have changed. Turkish interests would necessitate a shift so hard that it would come to an almost total abandonment of all the previous Turkish positions, be it towards the Syrian regime, Russia, or Iran, all the same.

Ankara has no other option but to engage in an open confrontation with their enemies inside and out, and they are, according to Erdogan, the Kurdish labour party, ISIS, and Fethullah Gulen’s proponents.

Placing all three of them under one category helps Erdogan’s government settle scores against political rivals under the pretext of countering terrorism; which would popularise the idea enough to fuel these confrontations and justify its massive costs.

On the other hand, there is one challenge that stands out; the fact that any of these three groups have a domestic presence in Turkey that is equally scalable to their presence outside.

The ISIS crow counts by the thousands, of different nationalities, hiding in the depths of the Turkish society.

The Kurds, as well, are an authentic component of the social fabric, and they have enough fighters on the ground to start a long and endless attrition war.

As for Fehullah Gulen’s people, those are thoroughly rooted in the official public institution, despite the purges and campaigns, they comprise a more political than security challenge for the Turkish government, and they can always stir up trouble.

Undoubtedly, Turkey will conquer its war on ‘terror’, but it is difficult to picture if the Turks engage on all three fronts at the same time.

Turkey’s battle with Daesh, in particular, is no less important that the baffle of international forces engaging ISIS in Syria and Iraq. The leaders of the terrorist group, according to the tape, will redirect their focus on Turkey, and will carry out more brutal attacks to pressure Turkey into backing out of their war on Terror.

Thus, every Arab and international party, interested in the downfall of the terrorist organisation, should show support for Turkey, so that their central role in the war against ISIS is not forfeit.