Our Greatest Achievements …!

By Mohammad Aburumman

تم نشره في Thu 12 January / Jan 2017. 01:00 AM
  • Mohammad Aburumman

BBC published the world’s 10 greatest scientific achievements in 2016; from the discovery of gravitational waves, which was envisioned by Einstein 100 years ago, through the landing on Jupiter, the finding of a ninth planet in our solar system, named 9, to the discovery of a dinosaur tail 99 million years old, preserved in a chunk of amber, all the way to the naming the largest prime number, made of 22 million figures, and the development of a disc with the capacity of 360 terabytes and the ability to store information or 14 billion years, notwithstanding the injection of stem cells in stroke patients to restore movement, and the finding of a new cave fish capable of climbing and walking walls, not to mention the first rocket landing, and the first chip implant to enable paralysed people to move their fingers!

On the other hand, let us portray the Arab’s greatest achievement last year; scientific or not.

Achievement number one; the booby-traps ISIS and Nusra Front so creatively, might I add, set up all around us. It turns simple primary crude material into explosive means of mass death and destruction, without there ever being a need for scientific excellence or complex research, which is more of a western kind of thing!

Just fill up a car with explosive, wrap yourself up, find your way into the ranks of your “enemies”, and instantly; you will drop dozens of victims.

So far, just last year 1,112 suicide attacks were carried out; successfully. Meaning that the executers were killed, laying many down on the other side.

Achievement number two; the ability to turn anything into a tank or just a massive explosive device, the way ISIS proponents in Europe, mostly Arabs, turned to ploughing through the masses. Knives, axes, and machetes were all in and accounted for.

Number three; the rise of the “Lone Wold” phenomenon, which would substitute complex, carefully planned attacks, like the 11th of September, 2001, attack, notwithstanding others, which would require —usually— a considerable allocation of funds, time, and effort.

Now, it’s easy; terrorist masterminds appeal to people —not to mention friends and relatives— through social media, then brainwash them into lone wolves out for the kill; the largest possible. And because they cannot target military and security locations, ISIS have permitted the targeting of anything; be it a Shiite in his mosque, a crowd attending a football match, a church mass, people out shopping, or a nightclub!

Four; explosive barrels. A brilliant discovery and innovation by the Syrian Regime. If you want to finish off armed resistance, instead of urban warfare and precision strikes and planning, you can make without expensive missiles which could actually hit their targets, you can just drop explosive barrels from your aircrafts, taking out hundreds at the time, and scaring off the rest into “voluntary relocation” or even migration!

Achievement number five is successful sectarian cleansing. Six is refuge. Seven is destroying historical sites, and eight is our unrivalled self-destructive abilities; of human beings and buildings alike.

All of the above achievements are cited in the latest Arab Development Report; the Arab contribution to the world death toll of conflict has reached 68.5 per cent in 2014, and our part in refugees comprises 57.5 per cent of the world’s refugees, as well as 47 per cent of the world’s total internally displaced population.

Ninth is the importance of dictatorship for stability. And last but not least, ten; the great rediscovery of the Shiite-Sunni conflict.