Success: 4 Uncommon Ways to Clear Your Mind for Big Decisions

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  • Decision Making - (The Huffington Post)

Decision-fatigue refers to the phenomenon that, like willpower, our ability to make decisions throughout the day diminishes without proper recharging. When mid-Pivot and asking life’s biggest questions, we are often overwhelmed by smaller decisions and things that might not have registered on our radar in the past. Or conversely, we’re so bogged down by small day-to-day decisions that we don’t have the space to ask bigger Pivot questions about what we really want and what next steps would resonate most.

To refresh your mind, I recommend the following:

·         Don’t ask the same giant questions every day (ie: Should I quit my job?). Give yourself a period of time where you don’t have to decide at all, perhaps while you’re researching options. Revisit the decision at specific intervals of your choosing, but not on a daily monkey-mind basis.

·         Create routines for as much as you can in your life - morning routines, scheduling exercise for the same recurring days/times, evening wind down rituals. What recharges you? The more you can create routines around these things, the less you will find yourself debating what to do when throughout the day (gobbling up precious mental bandwidth).

·         Write your questions down.

·         Go with your gut! We actually do know the answer to more than we think - on decisions large and small. If you find yourself debating unproductively, ask: what does my gut say?

(Jenny Blake, on The Huffington Post, via Quora)