House Budget Bill Debate Continues for 3rd Day

تم نشره في Tue 17 January / Jan 2017. 01:00 AM
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AMMAN — The Lower House convened Tuesday to continue the debate of the state budget bill in a session chaired by Speaker Atef Tarawneh and attended by Prime Minister Hani Mulqi and cabinet ministers.

A series of demands aired by lawmakers taking the podium in today's session, the third day in the marathon debate, revolved around introducing tougher measures to combat financial corruption and tax evasion, reform the tax system, prop up investment as well as other austerity measures to rein in spending to reduce the deficit and foreign debt. Others were unanimous on the need to carry out an order issued recently by His Majesty King Abdullah to reduce the salaries and benefits for high-ranking government officials and stop the purchase of cars.

MPs also called on authorities to streamline the local labour market with one blasting the "chaos" in issuing visas and permits for foreign labourers, noting that up to 300,000 workers had failed to rectify their status.

A lawmaker accused the government of placing "additional burdens" on the citizens and blamed "the floundering policies that turn youth into an easy tool in the hands of the forces of evil, darkness and terrorism due to poverty and unemployment".

He demanded an advanced approach in drawing up budgets that takes into consideration the local, regional and international economic situation and help to improve the financial conditions.

Most of the House members also highlighted the demands of their constituencies for better services in key sectors and services, mainly infrastructure, education and healthcare.