The Culture of Blood, Slaughter, and Violence

By Fahed Khitan

تم نشره في Wed 18 January / Jan 2017. 01:00 AM - آخر تعديل في Wed 18 January / Jan 2017. 10:19 PM
  • Fahed Khitan


A passing, otherwise normal quarrel with his wife drove him mad; he instantaneously picked up a knife and slaughtered her along with his three children. The eldest of his girls was four. This is all we know about the crime which took place in Ramtha Wednesday; the killer’s own confessions, during the preliminary investigations as published in the media.


That said, he is not a psychopath, and honour was not the motive behind the killing; just a “momentary” discord with his slain wife was enough for him to stab her and their children to death, one after the other.


What explanation do we have for this horrid, discombobulating, terrible crime?! Besides to say that the slaughtering culture of violence, deeply rooted now, has taken over us; bringing about us the foremost brutality within our very selves; the monstrosity which has taken over our humanity that we are now no better than animals, even worse!


In several footages, elderly ISIS terrorists were shown shooting their own children and brothers in the head for reasons ranging from Apostasy to betrayal of the alleged Caliphate.


In Saudi Arabia, terrorists have killed their own mothers and brothers, because to their extremist glossary they were apostate.


Over the last 4 years, we have witnessed hundreds of slaughterings and killings, which has become routine, thanks to media. Slaughters that have been skilfully taped in very high quality, and killings the which blew our minds away, in terms of directing skills and methods; that we have in the end forgotten about these being of heinous crimes committed against humans like us, of flesh and blood!


The Ramtha butcher is neither an extremist nor an ISIS militant, and has no ties to terror groups whatsoever. He’s a regular person, like any other. Surely he did commit an unforgiveable crime against his own family; his daughters, the ones he once played with, teased, and hugged one day.


However, within seconds, the man turned from a loving father to a monster capable of calamities greater than ISIS ever could; the man slaughtered his own spouse and his own flesh and blood, his children, with a heart of ice! This one did not take his own life the way the other killer in Amman did when he killed his child just some days ago, no; he went on to turn himself in to the police, just like the other one, a few weeks back, who killed his own family too in Irbid, only to die in prison a few days later.


Psychology and psychiatry offers a scientific explanations for all these cases wherein humans turn to savage killers. But regarding this pile of cases, we need a group of psychologists, criminologists, and sociologists, in order to explore the depths of these crimes; not to justify them, for there is no justification for one killing their own children. We need a scientific deconstruction of the culture of blood, slaughter, and violence which is sweeping through our society; individually and collectively, to this horrific scale.


I fear that this neutral and swift media consumption for these crimes as news derail us from exploring the depths of the problem; it passes as news among hundreds of news just passing us every day, so much that we have no recollection of it the next day.


The major part of the responsibility in this discourse falls on Media, who in turn, unfortunately, do not rise to their role. In a couple of days, this crime will be forgotten, and so will its investigation, and media will go back to spreading the culture of slaughtering, while failing to fight against it!


This article is an edited translation from the Arabic version, published by AlGhad.