Israel Pressures Palestinians to Spy in Return of Medical Care

تم نشره في Sun 22 January / Jan 2017. 01:00 AM - آخر تعديل في Sun 22 January / Jan 2017. 05:52 PM
  • A Palestinian youth looking unto the destruction in Gaza - (AFP)

GAZA — A human rights group has blamed Israel for violating the rights of the Palestinian patients leaving Gaza for medical treatment.

A statement by Mezan Centre for Human Rights, a copy of which was received by Petra's reporter, Sunday strongly condemned the death of a Palestinian child in Gaza after Israeli authorities prevented him from leaving the besieged enclave for treatment.

The statement also denounced Israeli ill-treatment and excessive interrogations of Palestinian patients seeking medical treatment abroad.

Israeli agents have been pressuring sick Palestinians to become informants in exchange for permission to leave Gaza for medical care. The statement revealed that the Palestinian kid Ahmad Hassan Shbeer, who has been suffering since birth from congenital heart defects, died at dawn on Saturday, after he was banned by Israeli forces from leaving the enclave for treatment.

The occupation authorities were aware of how much serious his condition was, the statement said.