King, Russian President Hold Summit Meeting in Moscow

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  • King, Russian President Hold Summit Meeting in Moscow - (Petra)

MOSCOW — His Majesty King Abdullah II, on Wednesday, held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, on ways to cement relations between Jordan and Russia and the latest developments in the Middle East and the world.

In talks held at the Kremlin, the two leaders emphasized the need to maintain coordination and consultation between Jordan and Russia on various issues of common concern, especially with regard to the Syrian crisis, the peace process in the Middle East and the fight against terrorism.

In joint remarks to the media ahead of the meeting, His Majesty King Abdullah II said he was truly delighted to be back in Moscow and hailed the special relationship between the two countries.

King Abdullah said: "I am looking very much forward to our bilateral relations and discussions this evening on many issues that Russia plays such a pivotal role, not only internationally but specifically in our region."

"We fully endorsed and supported the Astana process, and we are very grateful for Russia’s role in being able to do this because this will bring, I hope, an inclusive future to all Syrian people. And, again, we will work very closely with you as we process to Geneva talks and other talks," the King added.

His Majesty noted that "the role of Russia can only help advance the challenges because without Russia we will not be able to find solutions to not only the Syrian problem but other regional problems in the Middle East."

"We have both said many years ago that the challenge that our countries face, but the world faces, is this war on international terrorism. We have been speaking to many in the world that have not listened to your views and our views, but I am glad that I am here today in Moscow to share not only the friendship but in the same vision of bringing stability to our region," King Abdullah said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said: "Your Majesty, dear friends, let me cordially welcome you to Moscow. I am pleased to know that our dialogue, our engagement is that of a positive and constant context."

Addressing His Majesty the King, Putin said: "During today’s visit of yours I am sure we will talk about the bilateral relations of ours and definitely we will discuss the regional situation with a special focus on the hotbeds of tension and emphasis on the Syrian settlement."

Also, he said: "Let me extend my special thanks to you for backing the start of the process in Astana. Thanks to our joint efforts, there is progress in this process basing and building on the ceasefire, a very important agreement to end hostilities between the governmental and oppositional forces on the ground."

The Russian President added: "Let me note and make a special point that the Astana process participants emphasize that there may and there can be no military solution to the Syrian crisis. We definitely count that the Astana talks will become a solid and good foundation for the talks to continue including in Geneva."