Economic Decisions Will Protect Low-Income Groups, Minister

تم نشره في Tue 31 January / Jan 2017. 01:00 AM
  • State Minister for Media Affairs and Speaker Dr Mohammad Momani - (Archives)

AMMAN — State Minister for Media Affairs, Mohammad Momani, said that the Kingdom's economic decisions are taken after a thorough study as a response to national necessities, but are not dictated by anyone and will protect the poor and middle-income groups.

The minister told a delegation from the Amman Group for Future Dialogues Monday evening that the government laboriously endeavours to address the budget deficit through spending controls and increasing revenues, stressing prudence in efforts to reduce foreign debt.

He said the world's certification of the Kingdom's economic reforms is of vital importance and an indication of its economic strength that would facilitate securing loans, grants and foreign investment.

"The very notion that Jordan had entered economic reform is an indication of confidence in our national economy", he said.

Momani, who is the government's official spokesperson, explained that the regional conditions had impacted the national economy, but said the Kingdom had weathered the situation as Central Bank reserves exceeded JOD12 billion.

The grants and loans the Kingdom had obtained were spent on infrastructure projects in the health, education and other basic services sectors "that made Jordan proud of its achievements despite its limited resources", the minister said.

Head of the Amman Group, Bilal Al Tal, said his civil society group helps to explain the government's policies and decisions to the public through the participation of its members in national initiatives.