A Shock For The Government!

By Mohammad Aburumman

تم نشره في Thu 2 February / Feb 2017. 01:00 AM
  • Mohammad Aburumman

I think that would be Prime Minister, Dr Hani Mulqi’s, reaction to the results of the survey conducted by the Strategic Studies Centre announced yesterday, Wednesday.

The results were ruthless; as the crisis between the government and the House of Representatives is escalating over the debate on price hikes and the economic situation, honestly, I can’t imagine Mulqi falling asleep after such results!

The Prime Minister seems to have outdone himself this time. These are ground breaking records that no previous Prime Minister ever got, given the short time Mulqi’s been in office; his popularity does not exceed 40 per cent.

Mind you, the survey was conducted prior to the recent decision to raise prices! Can we imagine how far down it must have gone now, after the prices are raise?!

The government, as a whole too, doesn’t seem to be doing any better either; they too scored 40 per cent on the popularity questionnaires, on average, with the Cabinet itself, as ministers, scoring as low as 39 per cent, doing much worse than any other former team of ministers.

What’s worse, is that the last government reshuffle did not change anything about it, and it did not help pull the government out of the confidence hole, which is widening with the public, so bad that the people have lost all —more or less— trust in ‘their’ government.

The second result, mindfully, is no less dangerous than the one above; it shows there is a massive decline in the portion of people who seem to think that we are on the right track.

Contrarily, it also shows a radical increase in the numbers of people who see that we’re heading in the wrong direction.

Surprisingly, and to a shocking extent, even influencers and opinion leaders, who tend —usually— to be more objective, rational, and less reactional, share the same opinion. The percentage of opinion leaders who think we are on the right tack does not exceed 37 per cent, manifesting a 20 per cent drop from the results of the last survey; which is an equally ground breaking finding.

On the other hand, 58 per cent of the country’s opinion leader believe that the Country is going down the wrong path, as opposed to 36 per cent in the previous survey by November, 2016.

Notably, the distance in time between the two surveys is just two months, during which there has been such a massive collapse in public opinion as well as among influencers!

To the government, these do not come as mere findings of some flyby opinion survey; no, this was a shock for them, to see how low their opinion has dropped in just 2 months, before the price hikes were proposed or passed, for that matter.

That said, it would be wise to consider these figures and findings thoroughly, and with a seriousness that rises to the scale of this issue, instead of the typical disregard to public opinion we’re used to see by some of ‘our’ officials.

Is this is the fault of the Prime Minister and his government? Or is it the outcome of culminating financial and economic difficulties? In the survey, it seems citizens were concerned more with the economic situation than anything else!

To be fair, it is both.

The public were not engaged convincingly by the government; or the Premier for that matter, which is an issue that needs to be seriously addressed, and obviously, even before the price hikes, nothing indicated an economic breakthrough any time soon on the horizon.

Naturally, the culminating frustration among the people also contributed to these results. So, mindfully, the recent decisions made it even worse!

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic version, published by AlGhad.