The Highlights of the King’s Meet

By Fahed Khitan

تم نشره في Mon 6 February / Feb 2017. 01:00 AM
  • Fahed Khitan

In a dialogue that lasted over two hours with journalists and media figures, His Majesty, King Abdullah II, elaborately went over recent military and political developments across the region, and the outcomes of His visits to the power halls of the world; Moscow, London, and Washington.

He also kept a wide open window for discussion on domestic issues regarding the economy and security of the Kingdom.

Admirably, the King knows everything, down to the detail, regarding the work of state institutions and authorities.

Regionally, as well as security-wise and militarily, His Majesty sounds like a field marshal; He knows the Syrian, Iraqi, and Libyan geographies like the back of His hand, and has the ability to portray frontiers and conflict territories as if it were off the map!

Vigorously, the Monarch does not suffice with merely going through the details of His visits to leaders and capitals of the world, nor off His communications, more so, He underlined His own conclusions and estimates to us on the upcoming developments on a multitude of axons.

Contrary to the common perception on the United States’ new administration, the King thinks that President Donald Trump is a decision maker whose administration will play a decisive role in the region’s conflicts.

That said, His Majesty is sure that Jordan’s interests lie with the new US administration in Washington.

The series of meets He conducted with decision makers in the US government and Congress were enough to rule on the importance of Jordan’s regional role and vitality of supporting the Kingdom for its indispensable role in regional stability and security.

Moreover, the King is convinced that Trump’s new administration, while different indeed from all previous US administrations, and for that particular reason, is increasingly capable of making a difference on the ground!

Likewise, maintaining close ties with Moscow, according to the King’s view now, is pillar to Jordanian Foreign policy; just like Russia was careful to keep Jordan in the picture in regards to Syria, as well as to keeping Jordan involved in the ongoing operation, politically and militarily.

Not so surprisingly, many parties see that Jordan’s balanced approach towards the Syrian crisis enables the Kingdom to play an important role in mitigating discords among involved international players.

However, as much as Jordan is invested in putting an end to the tragedy in Syria and vanquishing terrorist groups, His Majesty prioritises the security of the Southern Frontier to both the Russians and the Americans, given it is instrumental to Jordan’s security and to prevent terrorists from nearing Jordanian borders.

At the same time, Jordan seems open to discussing the idea of Safe Zones along the Syrian Badia, which has become a primary engagement zone for Jordan, should this option really be helpful for Syrians; to alleviate their suffering and preface the gradual return of refugees, all the while safeguarding Jordan’s highest interests.

By the end of February, there will converge a mutual conceptualisation on joint Russian-Global Coalition operations in the Syrian south, including Jordan of course.

West of the Jordan, the Palestinian Cause was present at every turn; it was strongly present in His Majesty’s visit to Washington, as much as it was in His visit to Moscow!

Accordingly, the next few months will see developments in these regards, now that His Majesty is reassured that Trump’s administration is in fact interested in advancing a resolution to the conflict which is considered central to the Middle East region, by the King’s definition.

Without there being a fair resolution which guarantees the rights of the Palestinian people, there can be no hope for the region’s troubles to end any time soon.

Just a few weeks from now, and before the Arab Summit is convened in Jordan, the King will return to Washington, in order to meet with the pillars of Trump’s administration there, including Trump, who insisted the King and he should meet again, as soon as possible!

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic version, published by AlGhad.