Pentagon: 11 Qaeda Terrorists Killed in Airstrikes in Syria

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WASHINGTON — The US Defence Department Thursday announced that 11 al Qaeda terrorists were killed in a pair of airstrikes near Idlib, Syria earlier this month.

Pentagon spokesperson, Captain Jeff Davis, said in a statement that ten al Qaeda men were reportedly killed on Feb. 3, when the US struck a building they were using as a "meeting place." He added that a Feb. 4 strike killed Abu Hani Masri, who it said oversaw the creation and operation of many al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan in the 1980s and 1990s, where he "recruited, indoctrinated, trained and equipped thousands of terrorists." Masri had ties to bin Laden and al Qaeda's current leader, Ayman Zawahri, the Pentagon said in a statement. Ten al Qaeda members were killed in an air strike on a building used as a meeting place on Feb. 3, the statement explained.

"These strikes disrupt al-Qaeda's ability to plot and direct external attacks targeting the US and our interests worldwide," said Capt Davis.