King Directs Gov't to Hold Municipal Elections

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AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah II on Sunday directed the government to hold municipal elections and provide full support to the Independent Election Commission (IEC) to oversee and manage the local polls.

In a meeting at the Husseiniyeh Palace with the president and members of the IEC, the King urged the commission to be fully prepared to conduct the polls for governorate and municipal councils "in a manner to ensure the highest level of integrity and transparency", stressing the importance of benefiting from previous experiences in administering the electoral process.

He emphasised the decentralisation enterprise that will bring citizens into the decision-making process and enhance their role in defining developmental and service priorities in their respective regions that positively reflect on their daily life.

King Abdullah stressed the necessity to intensify awareness campaigns about the decentralisation scheme and the mechanism and measures for conducting the entire electoral process, stressing the importance of cooperation among all the state's institutions to make the polls a success.

Prime Minister Hani Mulqi pledged that his government will put all its resources at the disposal of the IEC and provide all support for the success of its mission.

Also during the meeting, His Majesty received from IEC president Khaled Kalaldeh the final report on parliamentary elections held on September 20th, which contained a detailed account of the various stages of the electoral process.

Article 12 of the IEC law stipulates that a final and detailed report be issued about each election and sent to the King to be published in the official gazette.