Iraqi Forces Recapture Mosul Airport in Bid to Retake City

تم نشره في Thu 23 February / Feb 2017. 01:00 AM
  • Smoke at the Mosul Airport after Iraqi forces recaptured it - (AFP)

Iraqi security forces have recaptured Mosul airport, a key part of the government's offensive to drive ISIS, aka Daesh, from the western half of the city.

The operation took four hours. ISIS continued to fire mortars at the airport from further inside the city after losing the ground to the army.

The jihadists have also entered a nearby military base amid further clashes, a military spokesman said.

Eastern Mosul was retaken last month.

Mosul Airport and City

Thursday's advance brings the army very close to Mosul's south-western outskirts, where the militants are expected to launch attacks from densely populated neighbourhoods.

Aram Shakaram, the country deputy director for Save the Children in Iraq, told the BBC he believed relatively few people had been able to escape the city since yesterday.