King Receives Report on Judiciary Reforms, Says Judiciary Is “Red Line”

تم نشره في Sun 26 February / Feb 2017. 01:00 AM
  • King Abdullah II Receives Report on Judiciary Reforms
  • King Abdullah II Receives Report on Judiciary Reforms

AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah II on Sunday received a report by a royal committee containing proposed policies, strategic goals, executive programmes and legislations to update and upgrade the judicial system and enhance its role in achieving the rule of law.

The report, handed to the King during a meeting with the chairman and members of the Royal Committee for Developing the Judiciary and Enhancing the Rule of Law, is the outcome of the efforts of the panel, formed in October last year.

The King had entrusted former Prime Minister Zaid Rifai to chair the panel to put forward a comprehensive strategy in four months to address challenges facing the judiciary and pursue a modernisation and development drive to upgrade its performance.

The King told today's meeting at the Husseiniyeh Palace, which attended by HRH Prince Faisal bin Hussein, that the report's recommendations would consolidate an effective and fair judiciary as a key pillar of the civil state founded on justice, rule of law and guaranteeing rights and freedoms. The King stressed the need to move to the implementation phase through coordination with the heads of the authorities to translate the recommendations into reality within the set timeline, and emphasised the importance of following up with the various state institutions to guarantee implementation in 2017 without delay.

He said he would keep in communication with the committee to oversee the real implementation of the proposals "so that the citizen can feel their results".

"The judiciary is a red line, and that it is inevitable that we work promptly to carry out the committee's recommendations. I will personally follow up with this committee to evade any shortcomings", His Majesty pledged.

He said that speeding up litigation procedures and enacting the principle of specialty in the judiciary would ensure that citizens and investors will obtain their rights within acceptable time limits.

He also thanked the committee chairman and members for their tremendous efforts to put forth the recommendations and "make this achievement that will uplift the judicial authority and enhance confidence in it in a manner to achieve justice and equality and enroot rule of law as a key pillar of the civil state".