Inflation up 4.6% in February

تم نشره في Sun 12 March / Mar 2017. 01:00 AM

AMMAN — Consumer price index, a measure of inflation, edged up by 4.6 per cent in February, driven by higher prices of various commodity and service groups, according to an official statement.

The Department of Statistics said in a monthly briefing that the rise in the index was mainly a result of higher prices of the "transportation" group, which surged by 18 per cent and the "vegetables, dry and canned legumes" group, whose prices soared by 27 per cent.

Other groups that saw their prices rising in February include tobacco and cigarettes group, 11 per cent; the rents, group 2 per cent, and the health group which marked an 11 per cent increase.

Meanwhile, some other commodity groups saw their prices inching down and they include: the meat and poultry group —5 per cent; the fruits and nuts group —10 per cent; the garments group, 4 per cent, and the dairy products and eggs group; 2 per cent.