The Summits to Seal the Region’s Fate!

By Fahed Khitan

تم نشره في Tue 21 March / Mar 2017. 01:00 AM
  • Fahed Khitan

This is a pivoting point in our modern day history. So much is at stake, and so little time to waste.

Within days, leaders from around the Arab World will convene to attend the 2017 Arab Summit in Amman; 23rd through 29th of March.

Later on, His Majesty King Abdullah II is scheduled to hold three summits with presidents Donald Trump of the United States of America, Abdul Fattah Sisi of Egypt, and Palestine’s Mahmoud Abbas.

So far, the White House has disclosed the summit between His Majesty the King, Egypt’s Sisi, and Trump, is in order on April 3rd.

Meanwhile, the date for the King’s summit with Abbas and the US President remains a mystery for now.

Not long ago, King Abdullah visited Washington, following Trump’s arrival in office, leaving quite a print on the new Administration’s approach to issues of our region.

That is despite it being a quick and brief visit, described by some media as exploratory.

In the aftermath of His visit, the King made solid contact with the pillars of the US administration and Trump himself, which has greatly benefited the revitalisation of communication between the Palestinian Authority and the US.

Undoubtedly too, Egypt has benefited of the King’s endeavours.

These three upcoming summits, in my opinion, are extremely important. Given the particularity of the standing circumstance.

The US administration’s approach to the region’s affairs are still coming together. In regards to the settlement with Israel, there are leaks coming through on there being a bundle ready US propositions, as well as regarding the war against terrorism in Syria and Iraq.

Furthermore, there are parallel propositions regarding the whole area’s primacy to the Washington and the administration’s view of its importance in future foreign policies.

Soon enough, the US will formulate a comprehensive, strategic outlook on the Middle East and our issues, prefacing the advancement of new policies and plans.

In the meantime, Jordan has its own agenda, entail extensive and consecutive meets with Trump and members of his administration. The highlights of this agenda includes economic and military aid for the next three years and joint bilateral cooperation in the fields of combating terrorism.

On our part, Jordan is extremely interested in the United States’ plans for Syria, not only regards to terrorism, but also in terms of advancing a political resolution there.

No one, including Moscow, not even the Washington’s closest allies and capitals, know what the US has instore for the post-ISIS phase, the Syrian regime, or the Geneva peace process. And like Moscow, if not even more so, Jordan is affected the American approach to Syria and how the rising threats of deterioration on the southern Syrian frontier are to be addressed.

Notably, the situation in the southern regions of Syria is of crucial importance to Jordan’s national security.

Similarly, Egypt too has a lot on stake in regards to Washington’s outlooks, especially when it comes to security threats to the Egyptian state; i.e. the situation in neighbouring Libya.

Just as well, Abu Mazen, has extremely interested in knowing what America thinks the solution with Israel is going to be.

Abbas is dying to know what kind of deal the US has cooked up for the sides of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. To degree of Washington’s serious about putting an end to the struggle west of the Jordan? Washington’s Conference on Peace in the Middle East is promised to put the whole thing to rest. So, what end is Trump cooking for?

Before meeting with Trump and Sisi, His Majesty will visit Washington this time not as King of Jordan, being the influential Arab leader He is, but as Chairman of the Arab Summit, delegated by Arab leaders to speak on their behalf.

All that is next to the fact that Jordan is the one state foremost invested and affected by the totality of the region’s affairs, not to mention the Kingdom’s outstanding role in the war against terror, which all in all makes Jordan both indispensable and a priority ally.

After the Arab Summit is concluded, our eyes impatiently look to the King’s summit in Washington, to uncover the fate of the Middle East!

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic version, published by AlGhad.