Our Peoples Dispersed…

By Fahed Khitan

تم نشره في Wed 19 April / Apr 2017. 12:00 AM
  • Fahed Khitan

If this keeps, we will all be homeless refugees within the decade. The recent UNHCR report indicates that over one half of the world’s refugees are Arabs and Muslims, 37 per cent of those are Syrian and Somalis.

In figures, the number of refugees scattered across the Middle East and North Africa region stands at no less than 57 million people, from 14 different Arab countries, struck by armed and civil conflict.

Politically, as well as humanitarianly and legally, our peoples are in distress. They will never know the meaning or feeling of a decent life, development, or stability, so long as this endures!

Millions are losing their homes, their identities, and their chances to a decent life, education, and a job.

Children, by the millions, fall victim to poverty, starvation, and ignorance. Arms at hand, they may as well join one armed faction or another, or sell drugs and weapons for a living.

Human development reports cite these catastrophes, yes. But they have yet to notice the destructive implication all this has on the future of many a generation lost in the west.

In Libya, for example, there have been documented instances of human trafficking and slavery. Such tragedies humanity has struggled for centuries to abolish, now return.

Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants have become mere merchandise for trade by armed gangs which have taken the Libyan turf over after the state toppled. Especially with the three parties conflicting over government, in the lurking shadow of hundreds of armed tribal factions.

There are thousands, desperate, braving the unimaginable to cross over to Europe. The sights of those unfortunate are inerasable. The sight of this very struggle disrupts any human being in their right mind, let alone those whom have endured it. They will not be able to lead a normal life then on.

How many have taken to sea in order to cross into the Eurozone? Thousands have taken death boats across the Mediterranean which have cost them their own loved ones. You think they will ever forget?

So far, 57 million and counting. Soon, the number will amplify. And they will endure, for the rest of their lives, an unimaginable identity crisis, between the places they’ve been, everything they’ve gone through, and where they are; very few will get the chance to start over in their hometowns. Even fewer will be able to adapt with hosting societies. Arabs and Muslims are the least capable of adapting to western communities of all immigrant backgrounds, and this is proven by an abundance of evidence of the last century.

The vast majority will live on the side-lines of the global habitat, and endure the many difficulties western economies suffer. Getting a job is not going to be easy, at all.

Thousands now live on welfare programmes, or have to take jobs which are not fitting of their scientific qualifications or practical expertise.

Half of us is losing their identity.

Meanwhile, the other half faces the same peril should this turmoil endure in the absence of fundamental resolutions.

With Arab terrorist activity on the rise, refugees out there will endure even more pressures, whilst trying hard to adapt to a society that sees every Arab and Muslim as a possible terrorist threat, probably going to run over citizens on the street.

Many Arab countries face still the peril of collapse or disintegration. Many as well have become the world’s largest sources of refugees.

Notably, this poses the threat of total annihilation for such peoples; societies to soon become without any sense of identity. Just a bunch of people scattered across the face of this earth.

This article is an edited translation of the Arabic version, published by AlGhad.