Lebanese Army Kill, Injure 20 ISIS Militants

تم نشره في Tue 25 April / Apr 2017. 12:00 AM
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BEIRUT — More than 20 terrorists from the Daesh terror group were killed and injured late Monday in intensive raids conducted in Jaroud Qaa and Jaroud Ras Baalbek areas by the Lebanese army, a Lebanese security source told Petra's reporter in Beirut.

The operation took place near the borders with Syria, after monitoring suspicious movements and an expanded meeting in the Jaroud Baalbek, the source added.

Military helicopters were used in the raid, where the army artillery targeted a group of Daesh militants who were trying to pull their dead and wounded fighters, the source explained.

The army also carried out a series of raids on the headquarters of the Fateh al-Sham terrorist organization in Jaroud Arsal, the security source added.