King to Media Figures: No Need for Jordan Military Role in Syria

The Economy and the Citizens’ Situation is Top Priority, Says the King, Reassures that the Situation in Syria will not Pose Further Threats to Jordan

تم نشره في Wed 26 April / Apr 2017. 12:00 AM
  • His Majesty King Abdullah II in meet with Jordanian media officials and figures
  • His Majesty King Abdullah II in meet with Jordanian media officials and figures
  • His Majesty King Abdullah II in meet with Jordanian media officials and figures
  • His Majesty King Abdullah II in meet with Jordanian media officials and figures

AMMAN —AlGhad— His Majesty King Abdullah II met with Jordanian media officials and figures today, Wednesday, including former ministers, directors of official media, as well as current and former newspaper editors, to discuss the domestic situation in Jordan, and the economy, in addition to developments on the regional and international frontiers.

More so, the King underlined the importance of economic cooperation and the indispensability of US support in facing current economic and financial challenges.

On His visit to Washington, King Abdullah confirmed that His foremost political focus was on the advancement of the Palestinian Cause and the outcomes of the Arab Summit, the situation in Syria and Iraq, and last but not least, on combatting terrorism and extremism.

His Majesty reiterated to the US President, Donald Trump, He says, that the most pressing issue at hand is now is the economy and the economic affairs of the Jordanian citizen.

Accordingly, the Monarch expressed His optimism on there being an active and effective US vision on the region underway at the White House.

Meanwhile, His Majesty reaffirmed, there must be a consolidated Arab effort to support our Palestinian brethren, and that Jordan, as leader of the Arab Summit, will coordinated with the Egyptian and Palestinian presidents to advance a solution for the Palestinian Cause.

As for the crisis in Syria, His Majesty confirmed to the attendees of the meeting today, what He has repeatedly reaffirmed to the rest of the world; that there is no alternative to the political resolution in Syria, and that it would be unattainable without open US-Russian cooperation on all issues related.

Moreover, King Abdullah underscored, that “we will not allow for the developments in Syria, and the Syrian south, to threaten Jordan,” and that there will be no need for the Jordanian Army to operate in Syria.

Jordan will maintain the standing policy on “in-depth” vanguard defence, the King confirmed, targeting terrorist factions, ISIS before anything else.

The situation on the northern borderline is stable and safe, and “we have the capacity and tools we need to address any emergent variable in accordance to our priorities and interests” His Majesty said.

On combatting terrorism, His Majesty said that the war against terrorism goes beyond fighting terrorists in Syria and Iraq, and requires a global strategy and collaboration.

No one has any interest in seeing Sunnis and Shiites collide.

The King underlined, that we are all one nation, with mere political differences driving division throughout the region, caused by Iran’s intrusions.

In regards to the domestic question, His Majesty resounded the importance of media-state collaboration and the vitality of maintaining transparency.

Several parties, mostly foreign, have been trying to spread false news and fabrications on Jordan and its institution. They must not succeed, the King said, in populating their poison.

Moreover, the King reiterated that the establishment of the Civil State under the Rule of Law is crucial at this stage, and that the bills pushed by the government to parliament are integral to this discourse.

His Majesty says He expects all Jordanians citizens to respect the laws of this Country, the way they respect the laws in Dubai, for no one is above the law.

He urged media figures to engage the public objectively and make sure the correct information is being conveyed.

On their part, the attendees praised the King’s efforts and his pursuit of justice for all Arab causes at every power hall around the world, especially in regards to the Palestinian Cause.

The all agreed on the invaluable role of the media in consolidating the national frontier and trust in the official institution.

Collectively, they have reassured the King that Jordanians are not certain the security situation is stable, and that the people wholeheartedly trust in the army’s integrity and dedication.

The meet was also attended by the Chief of the Royal Court, Director of His Majesty’s Office, and the State’s Minister for Media Affairs.