The Surety of Our King…

By Jumana Ghunaimat

تم نشره في Wed 26 April / Apr 2017. 12:00 AM
  • Jumana Ghunaimat

The King, during his meet with former ministers and figures of the media, conveyed a number of brief but invaluable messages on the entirety of His Majesty’s endeavours to safeguard and advance Jordan’s economic, political, and security interests.

The meeting went on for over an hour, in which King Abdullah expressed his concerns over the economic situation and its percussions on Jordan and Jordanians.

Chief of these concerns is the rise of unemployment and poverty.

On the regional frontier, His Majesty stressed that advancing peace in Palestine is most pressing external issue at hand, especially given the ‘Jerusalem’ situation.

Be it during His last meet with US President Donald or the Arab Summit’s agenda, the King has repeatedly reiterated that it is one of the Kingdom’s foremost interests, to see the conflict west of the Jordan resolved.

The King understands, thoroughly, the percussions of failure to realise a fair resolution to the central cause of the Palestinian people.

Therefore, He has made every effort to reprioritise it above all else, in hopes of finding a way to resurrect the peace process, which has gone down a dark and dreary drain over the years.

His Majesty believes that the absence of a fair and comprehensive solution, or its delay, is a precursor to the spread of extremism, and is cause for many to turn to violent extremism among Arab societies.

The economy too, and its complex factors, is one of the main reasons why people turn to terrorism, especially poverty and unemployment among youth, Jordanians in particular.

It populates a sense of frustration and hopelessness among many who then become susceptible to recruitment by terrorists.

On Syria, His Majesty reassured us that Jordan will remain steadfast for the political solution, and stressed that this is not doable with the Russians and the Americans’ cooperation!

The King also restated that all the rumours on the Jordanian Army’s role in our neighbouring country is untrue.

However, it seems the King has everything north of our borders under control, in regards to strategic relations with parties operating in the Syrian south, to protect Jordan and national interests.

He said: we are continuing our in depth defence policy without the need for a role for the Jordanian army inside Syria.

Listening to Him talking, it all sounds so clear.

According to what we understood of His Majesty’s statements, it seems there is an array of possible proactive and reactive scenarios to every development.

As a result of this solid knowledge, He seemed quite confident and reassured in regards to the situation on the northern frontier. Jordan has full capabilities and various means to deal with any developments in accordance to the Kingdom’s priorities and interests.

Next to Jordan’s engagement in external war on terrorism, alongside the international coalition, His Majesty sees that there is another frontier which is at least as pressing.

Domestically, there is an imminent need to consolidate national efforts to counter extremism, basing on a clear, cooperative strategy and framework.

Any works in this regard, His Majesty underscores, should be inclusive of all respective bodies and institutions, in order to contain the spread of the possible pandemic.

We need to reinforce the rule of law and its authority, reaffirming once more that no one is above it!

The meet with the King entailed a variety of comforting and reassuring messages. Mainly that there are certain non-negotiable premises for Jordan.

Also, His Majesty reassured Jordanians that the Jordan Armed Forces’ only engagement in Syria is terrorism, namely ISIS, and that the Kingdom has no interest in getting militarily involved outside of Jordan.

This has been irking Jordanians for a while now. So, once and for all, the King comes along to put this debate, along with all these unobjective speculations to rest.

This article is an edited translation of the Arabic version, published by AlGhad.