A Heart Warming Initiative

By Fahed Khitan

تم نشره في Mon 1 May / May 2017. 12:00 AM
  • Fahed Khitan

An initiative of such sophistication is as worthy of celebration and appreciation as perhaps our grandest of endeavors and most major projects.

Of the Representative House Speaker’s initiative, Atef Tarawneh, I speak, whose effort was in collaboration with the ministers of education and energy, Omar Razzaz and Ibrahim Saif, to install 2,700 air conditioning units in schools across the Jordan Valley.

The initiative is supported by the private sector, whose contributions were arranged by Tarawneh, and will see to the installation of the units within weeks.

In the hotter months of the summer, life, in our parts of the Country, becomes unbelievably unbearable.

Imagine how it is in the Jordan Valley? The lowest point on earth, or pretty close to it, where temperatures score new records almost every year, more or less.

Meanwhile, thousands of students would have to endure difficult environmental and economic conditions, to go to school, and spend nearly six hours in class.

Under the searing sun and humidity of the Jordan Valley, these classrooms turn to boiling tanks.

How do we expect children to learn under such circumstances, let alone teachers to teach?!

So, the MPs held a session, yesterday, to discuss and pass the initiative.

During the session, it is expected of them to handle all of the initiative aspects, in order to ensure its success. And apparently, from the attendance of the minister of energy, they seem to have covered the sides of it which have to do with the power stress exerted by running so many units at once.

Notably, there is nothing wrong with the National Electric Power Company (NEPCo) and others splitting the costs, as long as the Ministry of Education does not carry any.

More so, the government could deduct this out of the cited annual cost of waste due to theft, in the absence of a fitting corporate social responsibility clause by NEPCo.

Just yesterday, AlGhad portrayed the profits of numerous banks, investment, and real estate companies, according to their disclosed annual reports for the year 2016. Hundreds of millions in profit, one per cent of that could change life for thousands of citizens.

Corporate social responsibility, in this particularly difficult phase, is a must, and requires of all able, individuals and companies, to double their allocations for social responsibility projects. They need to stand by the state, which has offered the private sector everything they need to operate profitably, and with ease.

Two weeks ago, I attended the launch of the Creativity Club’s new quarters in Karak, established by Eng Hussam Taraqneh.

The new, three-storied building, over at least 4,000 square meters, provides brilliant services to hundreds of the city’s talented youth.

During the inauguration, Tarwneh stated in his speech that His Majesty King Abdullah II had personally donated the funds for the acquisition of this new and top-notch building.

Had Eng Tarawneh not disclosed this, no one would have known.

Likewise, businessmen should follow the King’s lead, and march vanguard in service of their communities.

Indeed, there are companies like the Arab Potash Mining Company and Zain, the telecommunications company, who provide invaluable services to local communities. Their contributions are indispensable to the progress of development. But we need more initiatives of the sort of the one launched by Speaker of the House of Representatives, which has left quite a mark among people who really need such help.

This, here, is our challenge; that we expand the range of corporate social responsibility, to expand the economic role of the private sector, in return for solid contributions to the betterment of society!

This article is an edited translation of the Arabic version, published by AlGhad.