Int'l Advisory Committee for Jordan Nuclear Program Meets in Amman

تم نشره في Sat 20 May / May 2017. 11:00 PM
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The International Advisory Committee for the Jordanian Nuclear Program convened its second meeting on Sunday for a discussion on the latest developments regarding the Kingdom's upcoming nuclear program.

Chair of the Committee, Senator Ma'rouf Bakhit, told the meeting that Jordan is pressing ahead with its peaceful nuclear drive according to the highest international criteria and under a high degree of transparency.

Bakhit, a former prime minister, emphasized that nuclear energy is one of the most important economic projects for Jordan, which is considered one of the poorest countries in energy resources and depends heavily on imports, which cover more than 97 percent of its needs.

President of the Jordanian Atomic Energy Commission, Khaled Toukan, delivered a briefing about the components of the Jordanian nuclear program, which includes a nuclear power plant, a nuclear research reactor and uranium exploration and mining.

The Committee meets annually to check on progress made by the Jordanian nuclear program and forward its report to the Jordanian government, parliament and the public.

The committee comprises in its membership atomic energy scientists, politicians and environmentalists from all over the world.