The Manchester Terror: Who’s to Blame?

By Fahed Khitan

تم نشره في Wed 24 May / May 2017. 12:00 AM
  • Fahed Khitan

Terrorism is the natural product of hate and its prevailing values and culture.

There is no other explanation for the abhorrent act of terrorism carried out by Salman Obeidi in Manchester, UK.

The terrorist’s family took refuge from Gadhafi’s oppression in Britain. He was born and raised as a civilian in a civic and diverse society which respected his right to a decent life.

Hatred for the other, however, is all Salman learned from his closed society. It is what eventually prevailed against everything the British society has taught him.

Despite everything, he still turned to darkness.

Salam Obeidi went to Libya for a while, and came back immersed in the Libyan culture of blood thirst to carry out his heinous crime.

He had no specific target; only the desire to harvest the lives of those who do not share his belief indiscriminately.

Otherwise, why would he target a concert for young girls and boys?!

There is no reason what so ever. Had there not been that concert in particular, he might have just driven a lorry into a mass of civilians, or perhaps slash people’s throats and bellies at some museum or restaurant.

His allegiance to Daesh is not enough to explain it. There are deeper motives at play here; the culture he was raised in by default integrated him into the terrorist organisational framework.

Notably, this particular current has become the more prominent and characterising current of a vast segment of our society. One which rejects variety, commends and encourages killing the other, and actually rejoices to news of a terror attacks like this.

The terrorist’s family, like others who preceded him, are not innocent of the blood spilt by their sons. They are central to the fate of their children and those lives their own children have claimed in acts of terror.

The culture of hate is predominant not only in Obeidi’s home, but all throughout his secluded environment and that of millions of Muslim immigrants in the west.

They go to their own schools, and keep to their companionships of ilk, while maintaining a widening distance from the larger society in which they reside.

While Obeidi may be an extreme case, he is however an example of the socio-cultural schizophrenia many there suffer from on one hand, and of the culture of rejection which prevails in millions of Muslim and Arab households here at home.

Typically, ridiculous justifications of Obeidi crime will not rain, but pour, blaming the west for what it has all come to in our countries.

As if the monster within us is not at all the problem.

Still, no one dares to face the truth that it isn’t the west’s fault, more or less, but ours.

Obeidi’s family is the best example of that. In fear of death or imprisonment, they fled to Britain for their lives, to be safe and settle.

Instead of repaying the Britons in kind, they decided to settle their debt in blood, death, and terror!

Do the Britons deserve such a cowardly act of terror?!

Obeidi was born in Britain. He had all the opportunity to build himself a successful life. One which is envied by millions of his peers around the world.

Instead, he remained loyal to his cultural, bloodstained roots, and preferred to nourish this overwhelming grudge and save it, for when his terrorist duty calls!

In Obeidi’s case, being affiliated with the terror group, Daesh, is not as important as being ideologically fit and competent to play the part.

At this point, recruitment becomes an inevitability.

Soon, the Daeshi Emirate will fall in both Mosul and Raqqa, but Obeidi and his fellow terrorists endure, their cultural project flourishing day by day, everywhere!

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic version, published by AlGhad.