The Boundaries of the Battle!

By Jumana Ghunaimat

تم نشره في Wed 31 May / May 2017. 12:00 AM
  • Jumana Ghunaimat

The intensity of military activity in the Syrian South is escalating.

The sound of cannons and gunfire is heard miles into the Jordanian territory. Residents of the Northern-most Jordanian villages have been hearing it for years now, and they have become used to it.

Used to it or not, this doesn’t make the mental strain of living under such conditions any less.

They are living; men, women, and children, on the brinks of an ongoing war!

In the meantime, the official Jordanian institution is keeping an eye out for changes by the borderline, and coordinating counter-measures and procedures.

Jordan knows exactly the threat of the dangers lurking beyond the borderline.

The boundaries of the game are clear; and its provisions too, in regards to the vast, underway developments on the northern borders of Jordan.

First, Jordan is not part of the war, literally speaking. The Jordanian army will not interfere in it as armies do in conventional warfare.

However, the national military stands alert, watching, and looking over the ongoing turmoil right across the borderline.

Whilst fully aware of our real battle with ISIS, the Jordanian Army will not be a part of the proxy wars, led by multiple states and powers in Syria.

Therefore, Jordan insists on a political resolution, which will put the suffering of the Syrian people to rest, keep the Syrian state intact, and put an end to the bloodshed.

Our army’s role is to protect our borders from infiltration, by terrorists or drug smugglers alike, and to keep an eye out on movements on the other side.

No matter how big or small, the military’s close alertness to the ongoings across the border eliminates the fear residents of the northern regions live with.

On the other hand, the second boundary to Jordan’s role in Syria is the primacy and priority of stability, no matter how temporary.

This, mind you, is the reason why Jordan would agree, reportedly, to any Russo-Turkish-Iranian accord which would enforce a ceasefire in four regions. One of which is the Syrian region along our northern borderline.

In the meantime, Jordan also has provisions on any such agreement.

Stopping the gunfights there is after all an interest for Jordan, so long as there are no Iranian or Turkish forces on the south Syrian borders with Jordan, nor any sectarian militias or terrorist groups, ISIS or else.

Those are Jordan’s terms. If met, Jordan well mobilise efforts to communicate with the respective parties in play, to ensure security priorities on the northern frontier.

Recently, the South Syrian region has seen much movement, as if everybody’s racing to reserve their spot and place in these provinces before the safe zones proposals are imposed.

AlGhad’s field reports, a few days ago, by colleague Khaldoun Bani Khaled, have expose the cut-throat competition there, in the South Syrian regions.

The Syrian Army and the factions are competing over territory, as well as among the factions themselves. They are all trying to control as much as possible of the region!

Currently, Iran-backed Shiite militias, with the support of Syrian regular forces, are fighting resident and other opposition militias in the Syrian South over these very territories.

These most recent developments only prove that the situation across the North Jordanian border is escalating violently.

Reliable sources have confirmed to AlGhad that Shiite Militias are engaged in grinding battles with Syrian opposition factions in the Syrian Badia, South East, to control the Tanf border crossing with Iraq.

As we speak, the Syrian military is regrouping to advance for Daraa, in order to retake control of the Nassib border crossing with Jordan.

That in mind, in addition to whispers on a major battle soon upon Daraa, where the Syrian revolution exploded, all gives Jordan no other choice but to make a move.

Jordan’s priority is to serve national interests and safeguard the borderline from the woes of the impending catastrophe.

Through it all, Jordan’s engagement in accordance to all of these factors empowers Jordan’s role in regards to the Syrian turmoil, and enforces the Kingdom’s geo-political weight.

Protecting Jordan from the threats lurking beyond the borders and all around us, may require expanding our list of options.

This is why Jordan is coordinating with the major powers in play, building ties with the Free Syrian Army and the factions under its command.

The purpose of all that is to protect Jordan and our security above all else; nothing else matters at this point, except our homeland’s security!

This article is an edited translation of the Arabic version, published by AlGhad.