Clashes in Raqqa Push More Displaced Syrians into Rukban Camp

تم نشره في Sun 4 June / Jun 2017. 12:00 AM - آخر تعديل في Sun 4 June / Jun 2017. 01:54 PM
  • Democratic Syria Units gunmen raising machineguns in salute in the city of Raqqa, north of Syria - (Reuters)
  • Chidren digging for water in the Rukban Camp, south of Syria - (from Source)

MAFRAQ —AlGhad— Clashes in the South Syrian governorate of Raqqa have been driving more displaced Syrian families into the Rukban camp by the north Jordanian borders, as Syrian opposition forces and Shiite militias battle over the Tanf border crossing and the triangular border territory, between Jordan, Iraq, and Syria.

Officials with the Syrian opposition factions south of Syria have confirmed the increasing influx of refugees to the camp.

Meanwhile, residents of the Rukban camp suffer the scarcity of food, on top of fears building up as Shiite militias approach, sources with the opposition reaffirmed.

In the meantime, residents are unable to return to their homes, after being liberated from ISIS, because of the prices smugglers charge to take them back, the sources confirm.

Instead, they are forced to stay in the camp and bear the scarcity of water and food.

Children, sources inside the camp say, are digging into the ground for water out of thirst.

However, Tabaqa, a region in the south Syrian province, has seen the return of 45 families who took refuge in the Rukban camp, when the town first fell under ISIS control.