Jordan Drops 3 Spots on World Competitiveness Index

تم نشره في Mon 5 June / Jun 2017. 12:00 AM
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AMMAN —AlGhad— Jordan dropped 3 points in the International Institute for Management Development (IMD)’s 2017 World Competitiveness Ranking, from last year’s 53rd place.

In the overall, compared to Jordan’s first competitive ranking, the Kingdom has dropped 8 spots in only a few years.

Among Arab countries, Jordan ranked last.

Worldwide, Jordan’s rank is among the lowest 10, out of 63 countries surveyed in the report.

Meanwhile, UAE and Qatar came in 10th and 13th, respectively.

Hong Kong, Switzerland and Singapore achieved the three highest scores, followed by the US in fourth place, according to the IMD report, which has been issued since 1997.

Scores are based on a country’s economic achievements, infrastructure, and government and corporate efficiency.