Jordan Army Repels Attack on North-Eastern Syria-Iraq Borderline

Border Guard Intercept Multiple Hostiles, 5 Infiltrators Neutralised, 9 Cars Pick-up Truck, Motorcycles Destroyed

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  • Handout photo of a pickup truck on fire after it was hit by a Jordanian warplane following failure to heed warnings not to cross into Jordan from Syria April 16, 2014 (Reuters)

AMMAN —AlGhad— Border control units with the Jordan Armed Forces —Arab Army intercepted and repelled several border infiltration attempts on the North-Eastern triangular borderline with Syria and Iraq, Tanf, in the last 72 hours, killing 5 hostiles and destroying numerous vehicles.

In one of the attempts, Jordanian forces apprehended two infiltrators, inbound from Syria.

The rules of engagement were applied, which led to the neutralisation of at least 9 vehicles, a pick-up truck, and two motorcycles.