MPs Pass 4 Draft Laws in Extraordinary Session

تم نشره في Tue 4 July / Jul 2017. 11:00 PM
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AMMAN — The Lower House of Parliament passed four draft laws yesterday, Tuesday, during its first sitting in the Parliament's extraordinary sessions, which was attended by Prime Minister Hani Mulqi and cabinet ministers.

It endorsed the amended Grand Criminal Court law, the bill on mediation to resolve civil disputes, the law of evidence and the magistrate courts bill that facilitates litigation procedures.

In remarks during today's plenum, House Speaker Atef Tarawneh said the legislature is standing before a milestone in the comprehensive reform process, which requires placing the higher national interest ahead and working "to meet the requirements of stability in the gradual and ongoing reform process".

He said the House's Legal Committee had debated the draft legislations presented to it by the government upon the recommendations of the Royal Committee for Developing the Judiciary.

The legislature also referred to its Legal Committee the amended land registration fees draft law which addresses the evaluation of vacant land and exemptions.

The extraordinary session has 16 draft legislations on its agenda.