Protests Renew in Jordan South, Tribesmen of ‘Jafr’ Defendant Convene

تم نشره في Mon 17 July / Jul 2017. 11:00 PM
  • Protests in Jordan South over Sentencing of Jafr Defendant - (AlGhad)

MAAN —AlGhad— Protests in Jafr, the town in South Jordanian governorate of Maan, have renewed over the sentencing of the defendant in the Jafr airbase incident to life in prison and hard labour, after he was found guilty for killing thee US soldiers at the gates of the Prince Faisal Airbase.

Witnesses say that protestors have blocked the main and secondary roads with lit tires and set fire to a police car.

A police source has denied that any state vehicles were burned.

The source confirmed that only one road was blocked with burning tires, and that no more than one government vehicles was stoned by the residents.

Meanwhile, the Jafr district will see the convention of the tribesmen of the defendant in the Jafr airbase incident, Maarek Abu Tayeh, to formulate a consolidated position on the sentencing.

The soldier was found guilty of two out of three charges; deliberate murder, smearing the reputation of the Armed Forces, and disobeying military commands.

Abu Tayeh has children under the age of ten, and he is the only financial sponsor for his parents.

According to the court’s account, Abu Tayeh heard gunshots, while at the Airbase gate, when he turned and opened fire at the US military convoy.

To that, the US embassy praised the timely and serious progression of the case, as well as the exaction of “justice”.

He also thanked the Authorities for allowing the Embassy and the family members of the “victims” to attend the trial.