Martyr in Bethlem, Shot by Occupation Forces then Run Over

تم نشره في Thu 20 July / Jul 2017. 12:00 AM
  • The body of the martyr, Mohammad Tannouh,26,in Bethlem after he was shot and run over by an Israeli occupation military vehicle - (Sources)

BETHLAM —AlGhad— A Palestinian youth, 26 years old, was shot four times by Israeli occupation soldiers today, Thursday, and then run over by a military vehicle in Bethlem, claiming he was about to carry out a stabbing.

Afterwards, violent clashes broke out in the vicinity of the incident, during which a Palestinian police officer took a rubber bullet to the head.

The young martyr was identified as Mohammad Hussein Tannouh.

According to the Palestinian news agency, Maan, witnesses say Israeli forces deliberated ran him over, after shooting him to the ground.