No Deal to Release Embassy Crew in Return for Aqsa Gates Removal: Gov’t, Israeli PM

Aqsa Mosque in Lockdown until Alternative Security “Solutions” Enforced

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  • Israeli occupation forces at one of the entrances to the Aqsa Mosque complex with metal detectors behind them - (Archives)

AMMAN —AlGhad— The Jordanian government confirmed today, Tuesday, that no deals or negotiations have taken place in the Israeli Embassy incident, and that it is a criminal case which will be addressed according to local and international laws.

At a joint ministerial press conference, the three ministers confirmed that Jordan has taken every possible measure to retain the Kingdom’s right to try the case.
The three ministers at a press conference on the Israeli Embassy incident - (Sources)

More so, the government has reaffirmed that no deals were made to exchange the release of Embassy staff in return for removal of electronic gates.

Minister of Foreign and Expatriate Affairs, Ayman Safadi, said that the incident is being legally addressed, and that Jordan does not trade in the lives of its citizens.

More so, Safadi confirmed that the case is currently being reviewed by the Attorney General’s office.

“Had we not approached the situation legally and not taken the necessary measures, we would have lost our right to a trial”, Safadi said.

He added that “there are international laws which obligate Jordan in regards such a case”.

State Minister for Legal Affairs, Bisher Khasawneh, said that Jordan persisted on hearing the Israeli guard’s side of the story, and that is what happened.

Additionally, he said “the Vienna laws on diplomatic immunity are mandatory and were signed by Jordan.”

On their part, the Israelis welcomed the security personnel who shot the two Jordanians yesterday. Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was shown hugging him in one of the pictures.
Netenyahu hugging the diplomatic killer of the two Jordanians in the Israeli Embassy incident - (Archives)

Israeli officials, from ministers to Netanyahu himself have all denied there being and deals between Jordan and Israel in regards to the release of Embassy personnel in exchange for retracting the recently imposed security measures at the Aqsa Mosque.

Meanwhile, Israeli media said that the removal of the electronic gates at the Asa Mosque entrances and the cameras does not mean the complex is open.

Due to official objections to the removal of the recently imposed measures, the Aqsa Mosque will remain in lockdown until alternative measures are devised, the occupation authority has announced.

In the meantime, the gates were removed by dawn today, Tuesday, and the Israeli security guard arrived in Tel Aviv yesterday evening, Monday.