Netanyahu is No Better…

By Fahed Khitan

تم نشره في Wed 26 July / Jul 2017. 12:00 AM
  • Fahed Khitan

Netanyahu’s disgraceful and unethical behaviour makes him, the Israeli Prime Minister, no better than the diplomatic killer, who shot the two Jordanians dead at the Embassy in Amman.

Of course, Netanyahu’s filth isn’t new to us, Jordanians.

We’ve always known him a foul, preposterous, lying, unethical politician. Even there, where is today, he is up to his head in corruption allegations of misusing his official capacity for profit.

For as long as we remember, he has sided with the murderers and settler terrorists.

The welcoming he gave to the killer, however, condoning his crime, was as insult, specifically tailored to humiliate Jordan, and a cheap PR stunt, to restore popularity.

Obviously, the procedure regarding our release of the killer did not address further legal processing beyond that point, once he’s back in Israel.

Typically, the killer would be detained at once, interviewed, interrogated, and tried immediately, to deliver justice.

Having failed to prepare a case and advance its proceedings, Netanyahu grasped the opportunity to orchestrate a grand reception, to make him look like a hero.

In the meantime, his own government had admitted that the murder of the doctor, at least, was a mistake, which isn’t legally accurate.

Legally speaking, the doctor’s death was an outright murder.

As for the youth’s murder, Jawawdeh, regardless of all the speculation, it remains a crime. Regardless his motives, Jawawdeh did not carry a lethal weapon to warrant such a cold-blooded murder.

Netanyahu knows this, but because terrorism runs in his blood, he didn’t even bother for a second, to pause at the moral and legal aspects of the incident. He gave no mind to Israel’s relationship with Jordan, and without second thoughts, he sided with the killer and celebrated his deeds!

These last few days were charged with tension, and it was obvious from the statements of Netanyahu’s lot and media, that he was crazed by Jordan’s pressures to retract his government’s recent infringements on the Aqsa Mosque.

It is possible that Netanyahu wanted to compensate for his concessions in regards to retracting the recently enforced security measures with this outrageous show of spite.

He may have been trying to make up for his political failures, which have caused him considerable embarrassments among his supporters.

This insult, by this disgusting filth should not be taken lightly; every Jordanian, citizen and official, is bittered by it, insulted!

The people are wondering, all of us; how come, we are the ones honouring our commitments to international laws and agreements, and still, we’re met with such insult and humiliation?!

The government must demand an apology from Netanyahu, for his disgraceful behaviour, which goes against every known protocol.

More so, we must demand that he respects the laws regarding diplomats involved in murder cases, and sees that the laws are enforced.

Rightly, we demand that the Ambassador and the embassy’s crew are not be allowed to return to Amman before the murderer stands trial for murder, immediately.

Additionally, the government must also demand that the Israeli diplomatic security guidelines and standard protocols be reviewed; security personnel should not be registered as diplomats.

Netanyahu’s behaviour was beyond all description low and disrespectful.

In kind, he does not deserve the treatment he has received from Jordanian officials hereon. The official device must freeze all communications with the Israeli sides, regardless the outcomes, until the Israelis meet the Jordanian demands.

Our dignity, as Jordanians, the dignity of our nation and state, demands a shift in our approach and relationship with Israel, its government, and all the killers and terrorists on board. Especially this filth, Netanyahu!

This article is an edited translation of the Arabic version, published by AlGhad.