Hundreds Amass at Funeral of Jordanian Victim of Embassy Incident

تم نشره في Thu 27 July / Jul 2017. 12:00 AM
  • Part of the funeral service and burial in Madaba of one of the two Jordanian victims of the Israeli Embassy incident in Amman - (AlGhad)

MADABA —AlGhad— Hundreds of citizens amassed in Madaba to attend the funeral services of the Jordanian victim of the Israeli Embassy crime, which took place in Amman earlier this week.

The governor of Madaba led the service, Dr Khaled Armouti, alongside a number of officials, from the Eternity Church to the Christian graveyard in Madaba.

Masses gathered around the church in denunciation of the criminal act which was perpetrated by the Israeli guard against two unarmed Jordanians, one of them not 17 years old.

The tribesman of Dr Bashar Hamarneh, who is one of the two victims, expressed their condemnation of the crime, and called for justice to be served.