Gold Up to USD1,262 per Ounce, More than 1% in 6 Weeks

US Dollar Reaches Lowest Rate in 13 months

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AMMAN —AlGhad— Gold prices sored domestically as the price per ounce of gold globally reached USD1,262 against the decline of the US Dollar, after news confirmed steady US interest rates in the near future, according to the Jewellers Association.

Ribhi Alayyan, the secretary general of the Association said that the gram of 24 carat gold has increased to JOD29.2.

The price per grams of 21 and 18 carat gold have also increased to JOD25.75 and JOD21.27, respective.

Global reports confirm that gold prices worldwide have leaped more than 1 per cent in 6 weeks, since the US Federal Reserve declared shrinking bond acquisitions soon.

Typically, this resulted in a decrease in the exchange and market value of the US dollar.

In 13 months, the US dollar has dropped to its lowest rates, reflective as well on returns from 10-year US treasury bonds.