The Feisali Events…

By Mohammad Aburumman

تم نشره في Mon 7 August / Aug 2017. 12:00 AM - آخر تعديل في Mon 7 August / Aug 2017. 09:39 PM
  • Mohammad Aburumman

The refereeing in Arab League Final match, which took place in Egypt’s Alexandria, last Sunday, between Jordan’s Feisali and Tunisia’s Tarajji football clubs, was inarguably flawed, as well as suspicious.

The Feisali SC’s defeat caused a riot, after the club’s players attacked the referee.

Eventually, 38 fans of the club were arrested by Egypt’s police.

I am not an expert on refereeing, but as the Emirati commentator said, on the Saudi sports channel, the choice of referees was not as professional as it should be.

There are various documentations on the referees problematic and possibly even biased judgements and calls in various other matches.

The Feisali club’s management should’ve seen this coming.

In any way, regardless of the referee’s call, the players, alongside much of the audience, fans, and a vast base of Jordanians, and maybe even Arabs, all feel that an injustice has taken place.

The team’s hard work was stolen from them; all their effort and dedication, and this is why we saw so much anger and frustration among Jordanians and fans of the Feisali SC.

However unfair, nothing justifies violence and vandalism.

First and foremost, what the players and the fans did smears the Club’s reputation, and tarnishes the team’s outstanding performance.

All of the team’s achievements were shattered in no more than 15 minutes, following the unfair Tunisian goal.

The Feisali team is not the first football team to have suffered an injustice, nor will they be the last, to fall victim in what some may consider a conspiracy!

Nonetheless, the violence and outbursts does beyond the comprehensibility of football.

The mentality and psyche of both the players and the fans is messed up, essentially.

What happened was embarrassing.

In just minutes we turned from rejoicing and celebrating to containing a crisis, involving the Foreign Minister and our Ambassador there.

Great effort was put into releasing the detainees, including children, not to mention the pledge to pay for the damage to the stadium!

It is crucial that we reflect on these incidents.

There are lessons to learn from this.

First, it is vital to stay calm; everybody must be calm, especially players and the team’s management.

What they did was unimaginable to any football federation anywhere; attacking referee and damaging the stadium is a rejected culture.

It is essential that future measures be decisive in these regards.

This is something to consider, and it is equally relevant to every Jordanian sports club.

We, Jordanians, all of us, were hurt by what happened, on every level.

Losing the League to a doubtful goal, is far better than losing our reputation and image, and everything after the match.

Football is a popular sport in Jordan; there are fans of the sport in almost every household. Be it the fans or the children who play the game, football is more or less a mundane culture.

This is why we need to build a healthy culture and communicate constructive values to our society; that we must maintain sportsmanship in every sport related incident; fair or otherwise.

Only by maintain such a culture can we push forward instead of going back!

This article is an edited translation of the Arabic version, published by AlGhad.