Over A Million Votes Cast by 5:30PM, Turnout at 24.6%

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  • Citizen showing his finger with the voting ink on its tip - (AlGhad)

AMMAN —AlGhad— The total turnout in all of the Kingdom’s governorates by 5:30PM exceeded 1 million, at around 24.6 per cent of the constituency, according to the Chairman of the Independent Elections Commission (IEC).

Ajloun scored the highest turnout rate, at 52.43 per cent, whereas in the capital, Amman, no more than 13.41 per cent of voting constituency has turned out to cast their votes.

Balqa, 29.51 per cent of the voting demographic have cast their votes, 15.03 per cent in Zarqa, 37.18 per cent in Madaba, and 33.50 per cent in Irbid.

In Jarash, Mafraq, Karaq, Tafileh, and Maan, turnout rates ranged between 41.54 and 48.39 per cent, respectively, as opposed to 28.84 per cent in Aqaba.