Australia Grants USD11.8m to Support Syrian Refugees in Jordan

تم نشره في Mon 14 August / Aug 2017. 11:00 PM
  • US Dollars - (Expressive)

AMMAN — Jordan, on Tuesday, welcomed the Government of Australia’s donation of USD11.8 million, over three years (2017-2019) to reinforce a range of the services provided to Syrians in Jordan.

A statement issued by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said the support will ensure the provision of life-saving assistance, including cash assistance and health care for the most vulnerable, as part of UNHCR’s ongoing efforts to safeguard the well-being of Syrian refugees in the country.

This contribution was announced by Australia’s Ambassador to Jordan, Miles Armitage during a visit by the Assistant Secretary of the Middle East Branch at the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Lloyd Brodrick.

UNHCR accompanied Brodrick and Armitage to the largest refugee registration centre in the Middle East, where 5,000 refugees can be received every day to access vital assistance and services, and later on a visit to a refugee family benefitting from UNHCR monthly cash assistance.

UNHCR Deputy Representative in Jordan, Agostino Mulas, thanked the Government of Australia for its support at a time when funding levels are dangerously mismatched with refugees’ needs.

"UNHCR is grateful for this generous contribution from the Australian Government which will provide continuity to the crucial assistance available for Syrian refugees in Jordan. The needs of this highly vulnerable population are increasing as time in exile grows. Assistance remains key to avert refugees from adopting negative solutions", he said.

Armitage said: "Australia is pleased to be working in partnership with UNHCR Jordan over the next three years."