Cairo Trilateral Meet: Peace Process Must Relaunch in Set Timeframe

تم نشره في Sun 20 August / Aug 2017. 12:00 AM
  • Foreign Ministers of Jordan, Palestine, and Egypt during the trilateral FMs meet in Cairo, Egypt, last Saturday - (AlGhad)

CAIRO —AlGhad— In Cairo, the Foreign Ministers of Jordan, Palestine, and Egypt, all concurred on the vitality of relaunching peace negotiations in a set timeframe, obligating both the Palestinian and Israeli parties as part of comprehensive deal to arrive at a final solution to the decades old conflict.

The closing statement of the 2nd round of the trilateral conference on peace in the Middle East, said that resolving the Palestinian Cause is crucial to regional stability.

The ministers called to reinforce a climate suitable for advancing peace, and underscored the criticality of Israel’s respect of the historical and legal situation in occupied Jerusalem.