Funding at 15.4% of Requirements for ‘Syria Crisis Response Plan’

تم نشره في Sun 20 August / Aug 2017. 12:00 AM
  • The Zaatri Syrian refugee camp in Jordan - (AlGhad)

AMMAN —AlGhad— The Jordan Response Platform for the Syria Crisis (JRPSC) estimated funding levels at 15.4 per cent of the required USD2.65 billion for 2017, to finance Jordan’s needs in facing the challenges of the Syrian refugee crisis.

In just one month, Crisis funding increased 6.9 per cent, from 8.5 per cent in the first 6 months of 2017, H1-2017, to 15.4 per cent in July.

Until August 9th, 2017, Jordan has received USD407.7 million. USD117.4 million of them allocated directly to supporting Syrian refugees, and USD270.3 million to support Jordan’s response plan, in addition to USD20 million to support the budget.

The funding, so far, finances projects across 13 sectors, from water and sanitation, to education, energy, health, food security, law, all the way to local governance and shelter, notwithstanding.

Notably, Jordan and the International Community had agreed to allocate USD7.6 billion to finance the Jordan Response Plan for the Syrian Crisis for the years 2017-2019.

In the overall, the estimated cost of the Syrian refugee crisis in Jordan during the years 2011 and 2015 was evaluated at USD6.6 billion.

Meanwhile, Jordan hosts nearly 1.3 million Syrian refugees.