A Third of Jordanians in Peril of Poverty within One Year: WB

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AMMAN —AlGhad— The World Bank (WB) warned against the deterioration of trust between Jordanian youth and the government, as employment and service quality decline, stressing that at last one third of the Jordanian population are under the threat of falling into poverty within a year’s time.

The Bank confirmed that Jordanian youth are the most affected by the economic slowdown.

Whiles stressing that the poverty rate in Jordan remains low for the time being, approximately 14 per cent, the World Bank estimates that a massive segment of Jordanians will soon find themselves either unemployed or in poverty.

Nearly 34 per cent of Jordan’s children are teenagers.

Soon, they will find that the government is unable to meet their expectations.

Many youths, the WB underscores, who reside in remote areas feel alienated.

In the meantime, the skyrocketing costs of energy and transportation have tremendously eroded the incomes of at least one fifth of the Jordanian households.