Uber, Careem Employ No Less than 10,000 Jordanians

تم نشره في Thu 14 September / Sep 2017. 12:00 AM
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AMMAN —AlGhad— The two international carpooling services operating in Jordan, Uber and Careem, employ no less than 10,000 Jordanians, according to insider sources in the Jordan offices of the two companies.

An Uber official told AlGhad that 75 per cent of the Jordanians employed by Careem and Uber are university students who work for around four hours a day.

At this point, Uber and Careem are operational in Amman, Zarqa, and Irbid, and are currently planning expansions into other governorates.

The terms imposed by the government to fully license the companies’ operations in Jordan are outrageous, the official said.

Notably, companies are required by the government to pay JOD1,000 as registration fees per vehicle, in addition to the condition that operating cars be no older than 2017-2016.

For now, the companies have been granted a temporary 6-month license, pending the fulfilment of the license terms.