JOD220m Allocated to Governorates 2018 Budget

Director Denies Leaked 2018’s JOD19b Figure, Confirms Budget Estimate at JOD9b

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TAFILEH —AlGhad—Director of the Public Budget Department, Mohammad Hazaymeh, stated earlier today, Tuesday, during a meet with the Tafileh Local Council, that the government will allocate JOD220 million to the 2018 Governorates’ Budget.

Governorate allocations comprise altogether around 3 per cent of the Public Budget’s total estimate of JOD9 billion, Hazaymeh explained, as opposed to the rumoured JOD19 billion.

During the meeting, which was attended by Tafileh Deputy Governor, Aref Kureishan, Mr Hazaymeh said the government is well aware of the situation in the governorates.

Therefore, 30 per cent of the total allocation will be distributed equally, JOD5 million each.

Distribution of the remaining 70 per cent will follow a progressive priority index comprised of five main variables; population, poverty rate, unemployment, area, and economic activity.

Out of 100 per cent, population weighs for 35 per cent of the priority index.

Poverty and unemployment weigh for 25 per cent of the index, each, whereas area and economic activity weigh 5 and 10 per cent, respectively.

Naturally, the higher the population, poverty rate, unemployment, and area of a governorate the higher the priority index, and subsequently the distributed allocation.

Contrarily, the higher the economic activity, the lower the index.